Mens Classic Fall Pieces

by Tara Osipoff on October 21, 2013

Mens Classic Fall Pieces

The Knit Cardigan.

The Cardigan is key for fall. It can be dressed up for a nice dinner by pairing the sweater with a button down shirt and a pair of nice jeans or khakis. Or you can dress it causally with a crew neck t-shirt, jeans and a pair of hiking boots. The cardigan also looks stylish with a scarf.

H&M 39.95

Dark Denim Jeans

When the leaves start falling, it is time to bring out the dark denim.

The dark denim jean is a fall/winter essential. Your light denim is to be used sparingly and only if paired correctly. Dark denim is sleek and sexy. It can go well with light colored tops or your favorite beige trench coat. The dark denim jean looks great with dark brown or black leather shoes and sweater for an evening out. Pair them with your lace ups and a casual t-shirt for a laid back look.

CODA – Naked and Famous 160.00 weird guy blue weft selvedge

Navy Blue Blazer

Navy is fall menswear favorite, so is the blazer.
This is a must have for your wardrobe all year around, but is particularly handy in this season. Again, this is worn well with a pair of dark denim jeans, or khakis depending on the occasion. Through a knit sweater or button down under it for a more dapper look. T-shirt and scarf work just as well with a nice pair of jeans and leather shoes. This is one of my favorite looks for fall.

Zara 79.90

The Trench Coat

A trench coat is a must have. You aren’t a little boy anymore and wind breakers just wont do. It is important to have a classy outwear piece for work or for any time you leave your house and you aren’t going to the gym. The color of the coat isn’t the most important part, it is more about the fit. Be sure you aren’t swimming in the coat and that it has a good collar. This can be worn with anything from your suit to your army pants and a pair of kicks.
Here are two options at different price points

Zara 199.00

Burberry 1,795.00

Dress Scarf

It doesn’t have to be cashmere, but it should be well made. Choose a neutral color if you plan on getting a lot of wear out of one scarf. It should go with with your favorite outerwear piece, your most warn knit sweaters and should pair well your casual t-shirts.. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around your neck twoce comfortably with a tad bit to hang on each end once it has wrapped around.

Club Monaco 69.50

Classic Red Flannel

The “no brainer” red flannel shirt. It is a piece that will stay in your wardrobe year after year. The classic lumberjack look is sexy and it’s here to stay. This isn’t the first year it’s been done and it certainly won’t be the last. Wear it with any pair of jeans, and a leather jacket and you’re sure to have this look on point. You can’t go wrong with this piece.

Zara 59.50

Leather Jacket

You don’t need a bunch of leather jackets, you just need one. This piece is a fall favorite. Paired with anything from your knit sweater to your flannel. Jeans, khakis, anything goes with this piece. This is an investment piece, you want it to last, you don’t want to cheap out on this one. Buy a great fit that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, this way it wont go out of style, the more classic looking, the better.

Topman 345.16

Hiking boot

A good rugged boot will go well with almost all of the other items on this list. Brown, black, or grey, whatever color suits you best will do just fine. Black is your best bet for versatility and will evolve with your wardrobe the best. Roll up your jeans for a more stylish look. This fall the leather hiking boot has been properly pair with a variety of suits for a bad ass evening look.

I highly recommend the Rogan Tall Lace up by Frye. They are made to look rugged and in my opinion are the sexiest mens boots out there

Frye 298.00

The Toque (beanie)

Fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without a toque. This doesn’t have a pairing requirement, it can literally be worn with anything in your wardrobe. When you leave the house this fall/winter, you usually have a toque with you. Not only to keep your head warm, but to accessorize and pull together your entire look. Personally, I suggest one that isn’t too bulky and lays nicely on your head. Be playful with your colors. Natural tones will go well with the season.

Spareparts – Coal 26.00

What Zara Did

by Tara Osipoff on October 1, 2013

What Zara Did
Last month I sat at my sewing machine, plucking away at an autumn piece. A very high waisted, long plaid pencil skirt with buttoning from the lower back upwards. My friend calls as the needle pierces the fabric, “what are you working on?” she asks. I start to inform her of my grunge inspired fall piece that I was currently sewing. Cutting me off half way through my detailed explanation – “Oh, I saw something similar to that at Zara”. Zara strikes again! On point with my fall imagination.

Zara is known to keep on point with the latest trends. Drawing inspiration from the runway and bringing the design to the consumer at an affordable price point. It is no wonder that Zara keeps ahead of the game, with their “fast response to city specific trends” approach, they are said to take a design from the drawing board to stores in just two weeks. Listening to the wants, needs and whispers of their every costumer, they have the ability to quickly flood the stores with the latest look. They have this years fall campaign calling my name, they’ve definitely been listening to my autumn must have list.

From chic separates to masculine cuts; Zara is on point this fall. Autumn is known for over-seized sweaters and grunge inspiration. It is a time of year you can leave your house in your grandma’s knit sweater, your dads fedora, your brothers lace up combat boots, leggings and look as though you just walked off any fall fashion ad. Zara did it well this year; pleated flare skirts, neutrals combined with print separates, lace paired with masculine tailoring. As the Italians would say, “magnifico”.

Without further ado;

Zara AW’13

The Spaces We Keep

by Tara Osipoff on September 30, 2013

The city starts to wake, I hear the cars starting to chug along the streets outside my window. People moving about on the floor above me. Yes, the day has begun and the city starts to wake; it’s 6:30 am. I move about in my bed, stretching and slowly I reach for my blinds, letting the day in, acknowledging it’s here. The rain comes down in this wet city. Vancouver can be dreary; I am fortunate to find my energy in other places than the bright sun.

I am the kind of person that takes on the energy of a room. That is why it’s important that my space needs to bring me feelings of creativity. No matter what the day may bring, my space needs to be able to bring me to life. How important is your space to you? Is your room dark and cozy, does it make you feel comfortable and relaxed? Or is your bedroom bright and crisp, energizing you for your day ahead.

When I wake up in my completely white bed; I feel the bright reflection from the sky bounce from my sheets. A dash of color in my room is all need, as long as it is bright and inviting to the day. Otherwise whites are my sanctuary, it brings me out of any darkness. Wikipedia defines white as “the color produced by the reflection, transmission or emission of all wavelengths of visible light, without absorption”. White; White is how i define my space. It is an extension of myself.

Is your space a representation of you? How does it make you feel? How much importance is the space you occupy? How much is taken from the colours that fill your room? Does it reflect your goals, your achievements, your general attitude? Can you tell a lot about a person from the environment they’ve created to live their lives in?

I’d like to think the space you keep is in someway a mirror of what’s inside. My space is a fortress from which creativity is born, where love can flourish, happiness can reside. As I age, I realize more and more how much weight there is in the environment that I am in and how much I draw from it. I spent a day researching spaces of all kinds, from the most lavish to the simplest forms. How does each room make you feel? Look at your own space, how does it make you feel when you open your eyes, when you come home from work, and when you are entertaining the people in your life?

Let these spaces inspire you, to let your own home reflect you and all that you are.

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