Where it began

I think I came out of the womb in pumps, a rock t-shirt and a pair of beautifully faded jeans. I probably had a full head of hair that was lightly tousled with ruby red lips… this is the way I imagine it anyway.

There isn’t a time that I can remember not being fascinated by the movement of design on the most complex species of all: human beings. We are entirely the most diverse, eccentric, and fascinating creatures to walk the planet. So how could I not be intrigued by fashion? How could any of us not be? It is the self-expression of our subconscious thought. We, as humans, may never develop the brain capacity to be able to read the thoughts of others, but examining the detail in one’s fashion is a beginning step.

Fashion is walking art. It is movement and design, architecture and inner thought, spilled onto the canvas that we live and walk in: the human vessel, the body. Whether you consciously invest time into your daily attire or you grab whatever shirt smells clean from the pile of clothes on your floor, you, at that moment, have chosen to verbalize your inner thought. When you pick the shirt up off the floor, thinking that this states nothing at all, it unfortunately paints a picture of absolutely everything. The shirt is as vocal as an Andy Warhol painting, and you are the canvas.

This blog isn’t just about pictures and pretty things. It discusses the history of nations and people and how they effect the structure and design of the fashion of that particular region. Minute details of a region play heavily in the influence of the general trends of a society. You may not notice when you pick a shirt up off the floor that its colour, cut, and simple detail has most likely been influenced by the history of the particular nation from which it comes. Or maybe it’s the weather trends that have occurred over the last century. These factors don’t cross many minds, but they have always been under the care and attention of mine.

I am a 25-year-old awkward female. I read too much and people-watch too often. My favourite colour is not pink and I wear heels not only for the divine love of their every detail, but for the clicking sound they make and nostalgic feeling I get when I bounce from one foot to the other. I am fascinated by human beings for the complexity of their thought process. I have studied everything from sociology, psychology, and philosophy to chemistry and biology. I have a thirst for knowledge and a craving to get to the root of every problem. This is where my love for fashion comes from. I find it to be the most complex form of art; to understand fashion, we must first try to understand human beings. Humans—one of the problems that has yet to be solved. Each so diverse and unique that to categorize them as a single species is almost unruly. Each day the one thing that we as an entire species do—besides eat, breathe, and drink water—is get dressed. This explains why fashion is not just a piece of material that we put on for warmth or shade; we are much too fascinating a species to believe that we would allow fashion to be so simple.

This is where this blog differs and begins—with the love of art, the love of our species, the love of life, and good God the love of fashion. And, of course, my analytical mind to break it all down.




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