Androgynous Fashion 101

by Tara Osipoff on January 13, 2013

My Androgynous Style

Rock it out

Babes in Bow Ties

Remember when you were a child and your mother took you and your siblings shopping? She would send the girls off to the “girls” clothing section, filled with pinks and purples, ribbons and bows. Then she would shove the boys into their own “boys” section of the store with blues and greens, truck t-shirts and khaki pants. This is a defining moment in a child’s life, when the child sees that society has clearly designated roles in fashion for each gender. This can be very confusing for a child…

Especially a child like me, whose eye always wandered to the “boys” section of the store. I can recall at a very young age thinking that truck shirt would look bad-ass with a pair of pink shorts, purple striped rain boots and a boys snowboarding toque. That is when I stopped caring about my designated side of the store. I started wearing both female and male clothing at a very young age. I wasn’t concerned whether an article of clothing would be considered feminine or masculine. If I thought it was cool, I’d rock it.

Many of my fashion readers and followers over the last few months have asked me to do a post on some of the androgynous outfits I wear. For me, 2012 was the year of the bow-tie. I fell in love with this piece and found many ways to incorporate it into my daily outfits. I have become notorious for wearing bow-ties and ties. I like to pair them with a collarless shirt if I am feeling playful and maybe a pencil skirt with pumps. Other days I will have on a button down collared shirt with a tie tucked into shorts with tights and wedge booties. It all depends on my mood. It isn’t something I wear every day or even every week, for that matter. I just feel like bow-ties and ties can add a bit of character to an otherwise boring outfit.

Many things in my wardrobe come from the “male” section of stores, and I would guarantee that most people would have no idea. I get compliments from both men and women on my androgynous fashion.

One of my favourite parts about fashion is people-watching. Seeing all of the wonderful outfits that people put together. Seeing how people express themselves through their daily attire, whether they know they are or not. I feel as though when I watch people cruise the streets in their outfits, I get a glimpse of their inner self. Fashion is an art form, our bodies are the canvas and our clothes are the paint. It would be a shame to limit a certain colour of paint to certain genders; the world would be boring. I feel just as interested in men’s fashion as I do women’s. So I don’t limit myself to just the “women’s” section.

A common phrase I hear from people on my androgynous attire is “I would have never thought to put those pieces together.” My response is usually along the lines of “stop being led by what you were taught you should and shouldn’t wear. Your creativity will guide you the rest of the way.” Forget all of the rules and just wear what you feel. Wear outfits you like, whether they’re considered “masculine” or “feminine”. Let your eyes wander through the ENTIRE store, without restriction. Have no fear of what others may think. Confidence is the most fashionable thing you own!

By Tara

Photography by Scott Goodwill. Find Scott’s work through;

Models :Alissa-Marilyn Hill, Mercedes Kallstrom

Styled by Myself, Tara Osipoff, All of the lovely clothes are from my closet :)
If you ever want to know about a particular piece, email me at

Life is beautiful my pretties, so dress accordingly

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