Mix Master by Jessica McLeod

by Tara Osipoff on July 1, 2013


It doesn’t match, it goes. That could be my mantra when it comes to pairing clothes. Consider this the polar opposite to a monochromatic look, like the power pastels of my last post. Sometimes there is a lot of trial and error before you find an outfit that strikes just the right cord. Often I have wished I possessed Cher’s closet program from Clueless. Once I actually tried to make my own, photographing most of my wardrobe when digital cameras were a new thing. Maybe if I’d been better at coding it would’ve gone somewhere. Anyways I still have to do it the old fashioned way – trying lots of things on. That can be just as fun though.

So this is my new favourite mix mastered look. I wore this out to dinner at a fairly upscale eatery last week, and the biggest challenge lay not in finding a top to ‘go’ with the amazing pattern of these pants, but to find a look that would survive a 20 minute bike ride in 20 degree heat. Thus was born this look that hit all the notes at the restaurant but fit all the practicalities it needed to. So no high heels (though I about strapping them to the back of my bike, but decided that taking my purse was more important). Also I had to wear a helmet, so no complicated updos. This led me to a sleek pulled back bun which balanced out the bold jewellery and colours with something simple. I didn’t want to wear lipstick because I planned on eating a multi-course meal and I don’t like wearing glasses whilst wearing a helmet so a slightly smoky eye and some lipgloss seemed to be the right approach. And to top it off, just in case it would be cold while we were riding bike, a vintage grey wool cardigan covered in dark sequins. (You might be surprised how much wear you could get out of a piece like that. I have three granny sequin cardigans and they are probably the most worn items in my wardrobe.)
Put together all of those elements and voila, you have an outfit that doesn’t match, but it sure does go. Mix mastery.


Okay, so I matched my earrings and my necklace. And my shirt to my cocktail.

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