by Tara Osipoff on September 24, 2012

My fashion lovers,

One of my great photographers and I decided to switch things up a bit. We wanted to showcase the Farmfresh Sunglasses line and we decided that the best way to do so was to make a badass video. The Farmfresh line stands by it’s tagline, “Citizens of Common Kin,” which refers to the current creative renaissance among young people, i.e. artists, cooks, musicians, bartenders, videographers, fashionistas, etc. It is this love of creation and uniqueness that binds them, and Farmfresh completely embraces this notion through all of their products. So what better way to celebrate the line than by making a video with fun, fantastic people, the exact kind that the brand represents?

Falling in love

by Tara Osipoff on September 12, 2012

Michael Kors’ fall line; this boot is a piece of beautiful art

Lounging in Michael Kors’ fall line; boots that make simple extravagant

Beanies, burgundy, and boots that make you feel gorgeous in a sweater dress; Michael Kors’ fall line

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have loved. Too many times to mention, and there is not enough time for that tale. But, I do know that I have only been IN love just a few times.

IN love is so very different than love.
You love the colour blue,
you love your mother and father, your brother too,
you love your dog, your cat, your little cousin Sue
but IN love…
Oh sweet mother earth, THAT is different.
In love… it stops you in your very tracks and hits you like lightning.
In love doesn’t care about your past;
In love doesn’t care about the future.
The present moment is all that matters when you are in love,
not a second later,
not a second before.
It leaves you scared that it could possibly leave you…
But the fear is warm and keeps you thirsty for more.
In love makes you forget that the rest of the world is still spinning.
In love is the nights spent without sleep;
In love is the mornings that make you stay in bed.
In love is the feeling that nothing is impossible,
because if that “in love” exists,
then the world makes sense,
and that is all that you need.
In love makes you feel as though the universe made it just for you,
as though that love was handcrafted
to fit you at that very moment in your journey.
In love is a feeling that can’t be confused with any other.
No one ever said, “I’m not sure if I’m in love,”
because there is no mistaking it…
When it hits you,
that’s it…
that’s all…
That love consumes you,
every ounce…

Once you have been in love, it stays with you for the rest of your existence.
You can say that it’s gone, that it’s dead; but IN love never leaves.
It remains a part of you—for as long as you live—in an indescribable way.

I fell in love with the fall.
Fall is now an everlasting love on the list of the few I have had.
From the very first fall that I can remember, I was so very sure that this season was made just for me; that the earth conspired with my dreams to make my heart skip.
The burnt oranges of the weeping tree, leaves that gently kiss the ground;
the soft browns that steal my heart with their warmth;
the sweet smell of the crisp air that can’t compare to any other smell on this great earth.
The early mornings spent with tea, wrapped in blankets, not wanting to leave your bed; nuzzled in, just wasting away the day whispering with the fall winds.
The late nights spent awake with the whistling trees and the moon staring down at you.
The fact that no matter how many paintings are brushed with fall,
not one can describe exactly how fall leaves me inspired;
not one can truly explain how the bursts of deep colours leaves me feeling overwhelmed with comfort.
Fall is where the earth lays to rest; it sheds the layers of another year passed.
The earth whispers, “I’m ready to evolve again; I’m ready to feel inspired.”
It’s when the earth gives in to winter, where it tells stories of the year
and gets prepared to crawl into a dream world and dream up another bright spring.
Fall is the symbol of humanity’s journey; it gives hope.
It softly whispers, “My beauty is the proof of another beautiful year.”
Fall consumes me,
it stops me in my very tracks.
It consumes me,
every ounce.

The beautiful boots, from ankle to knee, drape your leg with warmth and express your every thought through their style.
The dresses, the cowl neck scarves, the plush pashminas. The mustard yellows, the burnt oranges, the soft burgundies, and the pastels with a fall touch—the colours that cannot be mistaken with any other season.
The fabrics so rich, couture knows no lovelier season—knits and trench coats, pea coats and leggings.
Gloves and suit jackets. Fedoras and berets, cloche hats and beanies.
I could try and paint in your mind a picture of the beautiful attire of fall, but instead I will just show you. Fall will be a busy time for my blog; I feel as though there isn’t enough time in a year to drench you in fall shoots, but I will do what I can.

This shoot focuses primarily on Michael Kors’ fall line of boots—boots so beautiful you are absolutely sure that they were designed by someone who feels a strong love for fall, who knows how to express their passion for a season through the detail of design. Michael Kors’ boots give you a feeling of craftsmanship, and from the moment you open the box you know that they are made well and with talent. They are not just boots: I assure you that they are art. These boots can all be found in town at Zoey’s Boutique. Zoey’s carries a wide selection of Michael Kors and other talented designers. It is located in the Old City Hall Mall, and you must stop in—not just for the boots, but also for all the other great pieces that this boutique has to offer.

Photography by Mike Phillips. Mike is back and shot my first fall shoot, catching the beauty of fall with that lens of his. He continues to push the boundaries of what we are capable of, creating such beautiful work.

Styling by me, of course.

Models: Alex, Jess, and moi

Thanks for reading—I hope you all fall just a little bit harder for fall this year.

Life is beautiful, dress accordingly.

Travel this great earth, sail the blue seas, and you will never meet anyone like Keven Blehm

by Tara Osipoff on September 9, 2012

Original and captivating in both personality and style, Mr. Keven Blehm

Lost in thought while the taramarierose team spends a day with Keven Blehm

You can’t help but love everything about this style icon

Colourful from the inside out, Keven Blehm

Suave and dapper, I expect nothing less from Keven

Keven Blehm comes around the corner into the back staff area of our workplace.

“Knock, knock,” Keven says as he enters.

“Who’s there?” I ask as I lean on the counter.

“Oh…” Kevin replies. It appears that I have startled him, as though he wasn’t expecting to get a response at all.

Keven starts tending to his work, disregarding my response completely.

“Keven, who’s there?” I ask, impatiently awaiting the rest of the joke.

“Orange,” he quickly snaps at me, as though I am inconveniencing him.

“Orange who?” I ask. “Kev! Orange who?”

“Ugh, I don’t know. I don’t even like jokes.”

Keven Blehm. Simply one of the most interesting and unique human beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When I decided that I was going to be doing features on people from time to time on my blog, to talk about people with mad style, Keven Blehm was one of the first people that came to mind. The moment I met Keven I knew he was special. He certainly left me perplexed, but more so intrigued, and I couldn’t wait to be in his presence again. I could tell that whenever Keven is around, an energy of joy is certain to flood the space that he occupies. You could travel far and wide on this great earth, but I can assure you that you most certainly will not meet another person that even comes close to Keven Blehm. He is one of a kind; to say he is quirky would be remarkably huge understatement. He is quick-witted and his kindness reaches a whole different magnitude. Which brings me to his style. Keven’s style is simply a reflection of his beautiful, peculiar way of thinking; it is a reflection of his entertaining mind.

Keven never ceases to amaze me with his style, from his crisp fresh colour palettes to his sharp, beautifully shined shoes. He always has something on that makes me look twice; I feel like I could follow him around work sometimes just to take in every aspect of his well-put-together style. If I am so lucky as to see Kev out on the town, outside of our work environment, I always feel inspired when I see him. He will have on a two-toned fedora or a gorgeous knit sweater and crisp jeans. Keven is always looking handsome and dapper. He rocks a lot of clothes from local shops, such as Coda (where he used to work), but he is not limited in where he purchases his clothing. You can catch Keven in trendy names and in genius designer gear. He is one of the most original people to come across, and why? I think it’s because Keven has something that is rare; Keven is okay with being Keven. He isn’t afraid to be himself; you won’t catch him jumping on bandwagons of what may be “cool” at the moment. He has his own definition of cool, and he is perfectly okay with that. He isn’t willing to compromise who he is for any form of acknowledgment, and he doesn’t need to—he does just fine getting noticed by being exactly who he is.

I know that no matter where my fashion career will bring me, I will always feel honoured to have spent a day with Keven, embracing his edgy style and soaking in every ounce of his charismatic energy. You can catch Kev in a fabulous fitted maroon suit, detailed with pocket squares and flashy, elegantly cut shoes, or in a fresh look that is a blazer and a pair of well-made jeans. Never underestimate this man’s attire. Like his personality, it is delightfully unpredictable, and he is always on top of the fashion game with quick trends created by the man himself. He is a leader in all areas of his life, and I will be interested to see where this man’s life leads him. I rest assured with a sense of peace, because I can only see him traveling in great directions—it is the only way he knows how. Be sure to keep your eye out for this trendsetter, and take a few tips from him; I will bet money that whatever original outfit he has put together today will be filtering it’s way through the city shortly after.

Thanks for reading my beautiful followers.
Have a grateful day, set trends, embrace every ounce of your delightful self, and smile—it’s sexy.
Life is beautiful, dress accordingly… that’s it, that’s all.

Photography by the man who sets trends in his own industry, Scott Goodwill
Hair by the always stylish, always fresh, and always fabulous Sheena Huber from Elements
Styling by little ol’ me of course… oh right, and Keven Blehm :)

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