5 Fall Trends For Men

by Tara Osipoff on August 20, 2013

5 Trends I Love in Fall Menswear for 2013

1) Scarves are always a fall favourite for accessorizing your look. This year in menswear they are making a bold appearance. The trend for 2013 is not big or small, it’s bold, as long as it makes a statement it will be on point.

2) We love to wear the earth tones when fall rolls around. This year we are taking a different approach to colour in fall fashion. Maroon is the trend this season. The head to toe maroon look is being worn from the runway to the streets. If full maroon is too much for you, choose a statement piece like a blazer or take it down to an accent piece with a tie. Anything goes as long as the colour makes an appearance.

3) The Pyjama top. Okay, the trend isn’t at all suggesting you roll out of bed and head out for the day. It is the opposite in fact. This fall the hot look is taking Pyjama inspired prints and putting them on your most stylish cut blazers. It is a vintage smokers jacket look. Elegant, classy and bold prints inspired by the most lavish pyjamas in fashion history.

4) Trends are known to repeat themselves and appear in an evolved new look. We are seeing that this year with camo in menswear. From backpacks to blazers, camo is the print that is being worn with every type of look, from casual to formal. You can dress up your look with a sleek camo blazer or take it to a simple splash of the print with a scarf or tie.

5) Polish up your hiking boots guys, this falls trend has your boots paired with everything from suits to khaki’s. Wear your favourite pair of hikers to your next event with a sleek suit and be the guy who is on point this fall. Or pair them with a cool pair of casual pants, a knit sweater and a stylish scarf for a simpler version of the trend. Either way, make sure your boots look clean and fresh, otherwise you will just look lazy and frumpy – not on trend.

The Eye of the Tiger (Lily)

by jessicamcleod on August 15, 2013

It’s full on summer, and I can’t help but notice all the beauty in my surroundings. Living in the Cowichan Valley, I get to enjoy mountains and the ocean, loads of greenery, and right now – beautiful flowers. However, we’ve been having some grey weather here on the left coast lately. I say, if the sun won’t shine, then you definitely should. Please note, this takes no longer than putting on regular clothes.

My favourite trick this summer for maximum impact in the least amount of moves involves a) Sequins (even during the day) and b) Lipstick. Especially during the day. The thing about lipstick is that it adds instant polish and can stand on its own as an entire look. It also means you only have one product to carry around for reapplication (and MAC’s matte finish lipsticks last for hours on end). It’s a low maintenance approach to a high maintenance look and comes free of face-melt worry if the mercury is rising. Here, a simple swipe of So Chaud is all it takes to make a statement makeup look. I love the bold colour, which reminds me of the beautiful tiger lilies in bloom right now. Mimicking the exotic flora, I paired the orange lips with a sequin blazer to add a different kind of shine.  It doesn’t look like a blazer because I put it on backwards and belted it to add the back factor (who . This keeps the look exciting coming or going. Add a pair of dark wash denim and you’re ready rain or shine to hit the town.

Hillberg and Berk – Fall 2013 Show

by Tara Osipoff on August 9, 2013


“Tara, there is mail here for you.”

“Where is it from?” I reply, as I pluck away at my computer on the kitchen table.

“Hillberg and Berk.”

Enough said, I jump up and snatch it!

My ticket arrived for the Hillberg and Berk fall launch show, the Aurora Lux Collection.

For all of my fellow fashionista’s who are unaware about Hillberg and Berk, it is a lux, elegant and stylish jewelry line, and one of my personal favourites. What attracts me personally to the line is that it combines a classic and sleek design with bold statement detailing. It also appeals to me because it is an attainable luxury. In other words, I can feel like a million dollars sporting it around my neck with out having to worry about how I’m going to eat for the next three months because of the purchase.


Hillberg and Berk was established in 2007 and is now considered one of the top jewelry lines in Canada. Hillberg and Berk is continuously producing stunning collections year after year and always evolving with trends. Beyond creating beautiful tangible products with their line of jewelry, Hillberg and Berk creates a social impact by advocating for the empowerment of women. With every new collection Hillberg and Berk is sponsoring a new cause. Along with a charity chosen for every collection, there is a woman chosen to be the face of the line. All of the women who represent the collections are chosen based on their will to create positive change. This year journalist Gayle Tzemach Lemmon is the face of the fall collection. The charity for fall is the International Centre for Research on Women. ICRW’s mission is to empower women, advance gender equality and fight poverty in the developing world. Fifty dollars from every limited edition pendant of the Aurora Lux collection will be donated equally to Lemmon and the charity.


Okay, so if you didn’t know about H&B, now you know. Now, let’s talk about the show. I will put it this way: I haven’t missed a H&B show yet, and I have yet to be disappointed by the performance. I also have the inside scoop that this years show is going to blow the past years out of the water. I can’t give away too many details yet, but stay tuned and I will be dropping mad hints in the next few weeks on how this years event will be off the hook.


Embrace Hillberg and Berk like never before. The show will be held August 22 at the Kramer IMAX theatre.


You can get your tickets to the show online at www.hillbergandberk.com



Schedule is as follows:

August 22/2013

VIP shopping experience at 6pm

First show- 6:30 pm

Brief remarks from Rachel

View and shop the Aurora Lux collection

Second show- 8pm

View and shop the Aurora Lux collection

“After party” in the resto area of the Science Centre


Remember, fashionably late doesn’t apply to seasonal wear. Be the first to get your hands on the fall H&B, Aurora Lux collection.

Hillberg and Berk Runway Show 2012 – Le Cirque De Vie (above)

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