Chanel 2014 Resort Collection

by Tara Osipoff on May 30, 2013

Resort collections are always something I like to keep my eye on. Of course, that is because I like to live vicariously through the people who are wearing fabulous clothes and taking holiday vacations to exotic places around the world, while I am stuck in the middle of the Canadian prairies. Don’t get me wrong, Saskatchewan does have a large number of lakes to which one may frequent, but in no way are there hundreds of lavish yachts to jump onto, with beautiful women dressed in Chanel and handsome men in Tom Ford boat shoes. Instead, there is a small handful of ultra fabulous people and an unfortunately larger number of people dressed in “Tap Out” shirts and crocs and white sunglasses. So, you can see why I click my way through countless fashion blogs to peek at all the resort collections.

And speaking of Chanel, that’s going to be my fashion focus today. Because Chanel’s resort collection is ridiculously on point with everything I could have hoped 2014 resort wear to be. The show was presented in Singapore, which was perfect because the weather was hot, humid and exactly what was needed to show off the collection. The line was shown in an exotic yet humble manor in Singapore, a dirt path leading to the venue, huts served as bars and lightly peeling paint. It was the perfect environment for setting the the collection’s ambiance. The line was influenced by a photograph from the 1880s of a Singaporean fisherman. The fisherman was dashing in a Chanel sport coat. The collection was intended to play lightly on the history of Chanel. Classic and dapper, as always.

Women walked the runway in oversized box cut coats of different lengths. Many trouser shorts and mid-length skirts were shown, with most of the detail being worn on the coat, from the neck downward. Sweaters were slouching off the neck, yet fitted, and ranged in length. The colour palette varied, but stuck to a common trend of blacks, whites, cremes, beiges and greys. Nothing too bold in colour; how very classic of Chanel.

The collection is direct reflection of the influence that is to come. We will be seeing a lot of these cuts, colours and styles in the next year. I, for one, will be coloured with excitement. I love the simplicity and class of the colours we are seeing, and I adore the untailored yet put-together looks that are emerging.

Well, I won’t be flying off to Singapore to resort anytime soon, but Karl Lagerfeld did state he designed the mid-season collection to be worn anywhere in the world… I wonder if he had Regina Beach in mind? Either way, you’ll be sure to catch me in some version of this collection. Karl, I am influenced.

Okay, I have daydreaming to do…


Rise of the Punk Influence and the Architecture of Menswear on Women

by Tara Osipoff on May 23, 2013

Versace FW2013
Saint Laurent
Fausto Puglisi
Jeremy Scott

Rise of the punk influence and the architecture of menswear on a woman.

From Saint Laurent to Rodarte, the FW 2013 collections were painted with punk influence. Alongside was the structure of menswear, placed delicately on a woman. Powerful and sexy, I am all for this trend. I mean, are you surprised? Lord knows I’m a fan of the design of menswear. Plus, I grew up during the grunge and punk scene of the 90s. Mix the two, and you’ve got me sold. Plaids, leathers, tweeds and lace combined together for a beautiful punk portrait.

There is something sexy about the small shoulders of a woman in a box cut blazer, paired with a plaid skirt and a button down white shirt. I mean, throw on some leather high tops with that and you’ve got yourself a complete look. I also enjoy the transition that has been made from heavy jewelry worn alone to heavy jewelry worn on the clothes themselves. Pocket chains, oversized brooches and detailed jewels on jackets and hemlines. If any jewelry is worn, it is heavily placed in one specific area and doesn’t cover every inch of skin that shows, which was a popular trend this past year. I foresee a minimalist movement coming in future collections.

The “Anarchic” movement has really hit the scene in Hollywood. Recently, the 2013 Met Gala held the party of the year, and the theme? “Punk: From Chaos to Couture.” Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Beyonce and Cara Delevingne attended the event, rockin’ their hottest punk vibe. You can be sure the influence will trickle down from A-listers to All-listers. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to see it on the streets of my own city. I’m all for this bad-ass punk vibe.

That’s all for today my pretties.

Chat soon, xx.

Tara Marie Rose.

Sitting Pretty

by Tara Osipoff on February 13, 2013

Two little girls play on the floor. Sipping out of their fake tea cups in their flowered dresses. Van Morrison plays in the background and their mothers tap their feet to the beat at the kitchen table.
One of the mothers sets down her dainty tea cup, glances at her girl playing on the floor, trying to mirror her mother’s every move. Fresh spring air floats in through the patio doors. One of the mothers leans back in her chair and whispers to herself, “Will life ever be as sweet as it is at this very moment?” She then takes in a deep breath and sips her tea with a sweet smile on her face. Life was absolutely perfect.

Women, we have it so very good. We are the most exceptionally beautiful creatures. From exotic pixie cuts to long tousled locks, we have hair that can sweep anyone off their feet. Creamy and milky to chocolatey smooth skins. Deep brown to pale blue eyes, and all the wondrous colours in between, we hold the secrets to the world in our eyes. Curvy, lustrous shapes to perfect pencils, we have bodies that can steal the sight of every eye in the room. We truly are the most gorgeous creatures.

It begins with waking up slowly in the morning. Crawling out of bed in our light pyjamas and stretching in front of our bathroom mirrors before we brush our teeth. Looking into the mirror and sighing an “I love everything about who you are.” Confidence. It is the most sexy thing that you could possibly own. Looking at yourself and thinking, I am not perfect, but I am perfectly imperfect. Being happy with the imperfections and all the glorious things too. Knowing that although you may have faults, you try to be the best you that you can be. That behind those pretty hazel eyes you are marvellously wonderful because your intentions are always pure. That is beauty.

Spring is about feeling wonderful and beautiful. Feminine and pretty. This spring, pretty is in. Soft colours mixed with bold ones. Sun hats and soft lips. Spend time with your girlfriends. Feel like a lady. Have dinner parties and meet your friends for afternoon tea. Take time to be wonderful. Spend Saturdays on the patio sipping wine in the sun and feeling the breeze in your hair. Wear colours that make you feel fabulous. Do something out of the ordinary to make yourself feel gorgeous. Be selfish this spring and spend time with yourself. Read books about love and life. Keep a pretty journal and flowerbed.

Let this year be the year you feel like the amazing, beautiful woman that you are. Lean back in your chair as you drink your tea and think, will life ever be as sweet as it is in this moment? Carry that with you, and let life always be that sweet.

Photography by Will Whitten.
His work is amazing and I am sure all of you readers out there will be delighted to see many more fantastic shoots with Will in the upcoming months. Contact him for photography at

Clothes – Uforia Muse
Thank you to Uforia Muse in Regina for all of the beautiful clothing,
This store truly has such style. The lovely owners are always traveling to trade shows and discovering the best designers to carry to suit the consumers in Regina. There isn’t a day I go into the store on 13th and don’t leave with something. Some of the best shopping in Regina. A fashion lovers must!

Model- Alex Martin and Myself

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