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5 Fall Trends For Men

by Tara Osipoff on August 20, 2013

5 Trends I Love in Fall Menswear for 2013 1) Scarves are always a fall favourite for accessorizing your look. This year in menswear they are making a bold appearance. The trend for 2013 is not big or small, it’s…

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A Sharp Dressed Man

by Tara Osipoff on November 23, 2012

You can’t just put on a suit and call it swag. You can’t find a pair of dress pants and toss them on and call yourself dapper. Dapper comes with class, and swag comes with confidence. Handsome isn’t Just-for-Men-ing your…

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Travel this great earth, sail the blue seas, and you will never meet anyone like Keven Blehm

by Tara Osipoff on September 9, 2012

Keven Blehm comes around the corner into the back staff area of our workplace. “Knock, knock,” Keven says as he enters. “Who’s there?” I ask as I lean on the counter. “Oh…” Kevin replies. It appears that I have startled…

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