The Eye of the Tiger (Lily)

by jessicamcleod on August 15, 2013

It’s full on summer, and I can’t help but notice all the beauty in my surroundings. Living in the Cowichan Valley, I get to enjoy mountains and the ocean, loads of greenery, and right now – beautiful flowers. However, we’ve been having some grey weather here on the left coast lately. I say, if the sun won’t shine, then you definitely should. Please note, this takes no longer than putting on regular clothes.

My favourite trick this summer for maximum impact in the least amount of moves involves a) Sequins (even during the day) and b) Lipstick. Especially during the day. The thing about lipstick is that it adds instant polish and can stand on its own as an entire look. It also means you only have one product to carry around for reapplication (and MAC’s matte finish lipsticks last for hours on end). It’s a low maintenance approach to a high maintenance look and comes free of face-melt worry if the mercury is rising. Here, a simple swipe of So Chaud is all it takes to make a statement makeup look. I love the bold colour, which reminds me of the beautiful tiger lilies in bloom right now. Mimicking the exotic flora, I paired the orange lips with a sequin blazer to add a different kind of shine.  It doesn’t look like a blazer because I put it on backwards and belted it to add the back factor (who . This keeps the look exciting coming or going. Add a pair of dark wash denim and you’re ready rain or shine to hit the town.

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